Houston-based, singer/songwriter Bianca Karina Montalvo aka Private Excitement is anything but a standard-fare pop act. As a self-described “Luxurious Songstress & Fascinatrix,” her sonic wares are at once provocative and daring. Imagine music that is drenched alongside a persona that has been described amid press coverage as “darkly glamorous,” and resplendent in dramatically luxurious strings.


In order to fund her stunning debut album Humans Are My Keyboards, she took a cocktail waitress job at one of the country's most notorious strip clubs. The Texas based artist emerged from her experiences a brilliant singer-songwriter with an emotionally tinged electronic pop sound. Previously released under the moniker “La Catrin”, Humans Are My Keyboards is a soaring, leather-dipped album that is poetic, insightful, and full of sharp hooks.


Private Excitement has toured the U.S. as co-lead of NYC-based band French Horn Rebellion, as well as appearances at SXSW and the Neon Desert Festival. As a solo act, she performed at the opening of Pablo Picasso’s Black and White exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and at the Free Press Summer Fest. She is also a regular performer at the legendary Burning Man event, which draws tens of thousands of against-the-grain free-thinking individuals every year. Single “Break You” was also included in indie movie “Hated,” written by publicist turned screenwriter Maria Lorenzo.


Currently Private Excitement is expanding her profile. The Houston Press has done numerous pieces on her music and compelling story. Live she is wowing audiences with her selfless emotionality and flair for making each performance an event. For her maiden show she staged a wedding, marrying herself to the audience in a celebratory and seductive leather and lace ceremony. It’s been a powerfully intriguing voyage delving into an erotic underworld and emerging with a totally new aesthetic.


For her upcoming full-length release, Private Excitement is teaming up once again with producer and co-writer Bob Hoag, Brandon Duhon of Night Drive.


In her former days as La Catrin, our heroine maintained a journal she initially referred to as her “private excitement” relating sordid tales about her nightly adventures & observations—which is destined to become a full-length published narrative.


The new album is due for completion in 2017.